Vocational/Pre-Vocational Services

Vocational Services enhance the employability of persons with disabilities. It encourages entry/reentry into the labor market and helps promote work and volunteer opportunities. Our CAI staff provide program oversite and supports to assist our individuals with meetings their goals of employability. CAI is proud to offer a variety of services to support our consumers in having the option to participate in their communities.

Pre-Vocational Services

Pre-Vocational Services is committed to achieving individual goals specific in the areas of improving attention to task, task completion, safety, communication and social skills training. All individuals are working towards an outcome developed with the person-centered philosophy in mind.

Employment Services

CAI supported employment services provide a chance to experience the benefits of employment most people take for granted (ie: a regular paycheck, an avenue of developing friendships, and the opportunity to be seen as a productive member of the community). Employment services consist of the following:

  • Competitive Employment: Assisting individuals with finding jobs through typical means. They work within their communities at jobs suited to their personal preferences, capabilities and needs.
  • Supported Employment Services: Individuals work in the community with the assistance of a job coach. As the worker's skills increase, the assistance of the job coach decreases; encouraging independence.
  • Sheltered Employment: Provides individuals work in a production-line fashion. This setting supports workers in acquiring skills necessary to succeed in competitive employment in the community or it may be a long term choice for individuals to continue to use their abilities to earn wages.

Medical Services

CAI offers our consumers additional oversight of care under the direction of our Health Services Coordinator. The Health Services Coordinator provides on-going monitoring of consumer health care needs and a coordination of medical services. Our staff receive oversight, supervision and continued trainings to ensure the best quality of services are provided.

Program Eligibility

For Wavier-funded Services, a consumer must have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability and/or other disabilities. A psychological test is required or proof of disability. Program referrals must be 18 years of age or older.

For Non-Wavier vocational services, a consumer must have a significant disability that impairs their ability to seek and maintain employment. Documentation of that disability, signed by a physician, must be present. Program referrals must be 18 years of age or older.


For further information or referrals, please contact the Director of Vocational Services at (757) 430-1581 or The Director of Program Services at (757) 468-7000.

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