Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy is to provide women with long-term, high-quality substance abuse treatment, while delivering a wide array of services to assist them in developing healthy families and lifestyles. This is accomplished through a gender-specific, holistic, multi-cultural and family-based approach. The characteristics of the treatment program include an individualized plan of care that is abstinence-focused and strength-based, while supporting a 12-step philosophy and teaching the 16 steps. In support of the vision statement, the program pursues seamless access to services, healthy outcomes for mother and child, and necessary life skills for independent living. Services are provided to the mother and child as a family unit. The treatment model is based on the Relational Theory. The treatment goal is to therapeutically interrupt active alcohol and other drug abuse by providing multi-level, multidisciplinary assessment, education, group/individual therapy, intensive case management, and a continuum of care to women with a substance abuse disorder. Therapeutic services are also provided to children in the woman's custody.

The continuum of care includes:

  • In-home substance abuse assessment and intake;
  • Therapeutic case management;
  • Health care (prenatal and postpartum care; well baby, child and adult care);
  • Child care;
  • Transportation;
  • Parenting classes;
  • Life skills training; and
  • Long-term and short-term residential treatment beds.

We offer a substance abuse comprehensive outpatient treatment program (SACOT) up to five hours per day, a substance abuse intensive outpatient program (SAIOP) three hours per day and an outpatient program. Transportation and childcare is provided for the women in the program in order to reduce the barriers to receiving substance abuse treatment.

What you can expect as a client

  • Education made up of activities, materials, services and assignments that will allow you to begin to recover from addiction, to improve parenting skills, and to grow as an individual.
  • Knowledge about the disease of chemical dependency, and to have that information available to your family and/or the persons most concerned about your recovery.
  • TAssistance from staff that are understanding, knowledgeable, trained and dedicated to your recovery.
  • Assistance in maintaining and/or regaining custody of your child(ren).
  • Freedom to question comments and be heard by the clinical staff.
  • Support and cooperation from other participants.
  • Regular feedback regarding your progress.
  • Input into your treatment plan.
  • Respect as an individual.
  • Fair treatment at all times.
  • A safe environment.

Smoking Policy

All Community Choices Inc. substance abuse treatment programs are smoke-free. It is our philosophy that nicotine is an addictive substance that has many harmful effects, especially for the pregnant woman, her developing fetus and her children. Due to these reasons, we view nicotine as one of many addictive substances that will be addressed during the course of treatment. We believe that addressing the issue of nicotine dependency will strengthen our program and the graduates of our program.

Studies have also indicated that individuals who quit using all substances at once, including tobacco, have a higher recovery rate. To assist our new clients in stopping smoking, ongoing smoking cessation education will be provided.

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