North Carolina Services

Community Choices, Inc provides a holistic, gender-specific substance abuse treatment program for pregnant, postpartum and parenting adult women and their children. We have three locations across North Carolina:

  • Charlotte: The CASCADE Services Program provides outpatient treatment, residential treatment and prevention services. CASCADE is an acronym for Courage and Support for Changing Attitudes, Dependencies and Environments.
  • Durham: The CASCADE @ Durham Program provides residential treatment.
  • Winston-Salem: The WISH Program provides outpatient treatment. WISH is an acronym for Women and Infant Services for Health.


The purpose of our programs is to support women of childbearing age and their children by:

  • interrupting the cycle of addiction;
  • decreasing the morbidity and mortality that is related to substance misuse;
  • increasing positive birth outcomes;
  • decreasing the cost of health;
  • promoting well families through healthy lifestyles;

Eligibility Criteria

  • adult female (18 years old)
  • pregnant or
  • postpartum female (has a child less than 1 year old)** or
  • parenting female
  • Work First participant
  • substance abuse diagnosis
  • must meet ASAM III.5 to be eligible for residential treatment
  • North Carolina resident

Priority admission will be given to the following individuals based on Federal Regulations:

  • First priority: pregnant, injecting drug user
  • Second priority: pregnant substance abuser
  • Third priority: female injecting drug user


To make a referral you may call 1-866-281-8847 (toll free). Alternatively, you may call each site directly:

  • Charlotte: 704-336-4844
  • Durham: 919-490-6900
  • Winston-Salem: 336-397-7500

Our Promise

We respect & support your decision to seek help in becoming clean and sober and to begin building a new life for you and your children. By making this decision, you have shown a lot of courage. We promise to recognize your strengths and help you develop skills for recovery, parenting and personal growth.

Each part of the program has been designed to offer you a chance to make a new beginning for you and your child(ren). We invite you to work together with staff in a partnership to develop a plan to address your individual needs. We will help you set goals and work toward them. Communication is an important part of our program, and we encourage you to share your needs, concerns and opinions while also taking the time to listen.

While participating in the program, there will be many demands made of you and your time. We promise to always do what is in your best interest. You will not always agree with us or like our decisions, but your full cooperation and participation is vital for your success.

Our programs strive to create an atmosphere where communication, caring and respect for oneself and others is recognized and appreciated. We seek to protect the health, security and rights of all clients and staff. During your time as a client, we promise to provide a safe and healthy environment. We know that discussions among a group of people can sometimes be difficult; however, the group environment can also help you to develop important skills that will stay with you throughout your life. We hope that here you will learn to resolve conflicts, assert yourself appropriately and cooperate with others.

By enrolling in any of our programs, you are making a commitment to yourself and your child(ren). We look forward to working with you in your recovery process.

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