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Thinking of advancing your career at Community Alternatives, Inc (CAI) or Community Choices, Inc (CCI)?

Thank you for your interest!

IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY APPLIED: Remember to login to the HR system using the prompt at the bottom of this page to apply for another position.

Current CAI/CCI employees please note: Click here to login to the Intraweb to check and apply for internal listings.

Please read through the application requirements below, then find our current job openings listed at the bottom of the page.

Virginia Requirements

The following are requirements and background searches performed by CAI prior to and after hire:
  • Excellent Driving Record
  • High School Diploma/GED. If you have a Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree, a copy of your degree must be produced.
  • 2 or more good References
  • Child Protective Services Central Registry: Result must read "No Record Found."
  • FBI and State Police background searches are performed. Barrier crimes are an immediate disqualifier.
The following are provided during the 3-week Orientation period. All portions of orientation must be attended in order to pass certifications and qualify for employment. Failure to attend all portions of Orientation may result in immediate termination and you may not receive pay for incomplete attendance.
  • CPR/1st Aid
  • Defensive Driving
  • Clear Tuberculosis Screen
  • Medication Assistance Certification
North Carolina Requirements

The following are background searches performed by CCI prior to and after hire:
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screen
  • High School Diploma/GED or copy of Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree.
  • Nurse Aide/Medication Registry Search
  • North Carolina Residency Verification
  • Acceptable Driving Record
  • Instant Background Search
  • Good References
Internal Application

If you are already employed by CAI or CCI and want to apply for another position within the company, you must:
  • Have been employed 6 months minimum.
  • Be in good standing, i.e. no corrective actions within the last 6 months.
Job Openings